Get to know more about us and our services by reading some of our customers most frequently asked questions.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose us?

Euroshine was founded in January 2012 and provides Commercial and Residential Cleaning services. Each and every one of our professional cleaners and staff members are thoroughly trained with respect regarding each cleaning task and have each successfully completed all of the necessary safety training involved. Our Company’s goal is to professionally clean and service each one of our customer’s homes, facilities and buildings with the highest standard possible. At Euroshine, we understand that our customers want as few hassles as possible and therefore Euroshine shall provide strong management and direction for each project to ensure services are delivered to you in a smooth and pleasant manner. We are proud winners of the Best Residential Cleaning Company of 2015 in Ottawa Award by the Top Choice Awards Magazine. We are also winners of the HomeStars.com Best of Ottawa 2017, 2018 and 2019 Award and The Consumer Choice Award for the same category for 2017, The Top Choice Award for 2018 and again The Consumer Choice Award for 2018. We recently won the “The Top Choice Award” for 2022Our team is happy to announce that we now have Eight Awards.

The difference that Euroshine provides is that we not only clean your house but we provide quality and reliable service. Our house cleaning maids are trained, insured and bonded. We take quality seriously and we constantly rely on your feedback in order to improve our home cleaning service.

What areas of the house do y’all clean?

We are residential and commercial cleaning company. All our clients are on weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. We are serving small offices.

How does the cancellation of the service work?

Due to the convenient and stress-free schedule we ask all our clients to provide us with 48 hours prior to their appointment. A fee applies to any cancellations made within 48hrs prior to each appointment.

Can I leave my pets at home during the cleaning?

All our cleaners are friendly with all kind pets and we don’t mind if there are pets in the house.

Can I arrange a long-term scheduled cleaning service?

Yes, all our 148+ happy regular clients are with us for very long time. We don’t obligate anyone with contracts – if the client is happy with our service they are free to stay with us. If they have a reason to leave the company they can do it by email.If you need our regular service, I suggest to all our customers to try our services once and then confirm a regular schedule for your future cleanings. This will give us a better idea of the size of your residence, and we will be better able to estimate a fixed rate and schedule for your regular service.

Can I be present in the house during the cleaning?

We will clean your house even you decide to stay there. We will avoid a contact as much as we can to help you continuing doing your routine in your house.

Do y’all clean during the weekend?

We have 2 teams working on the weekends as well. If you need our service on the weekend we will need an Emil with an address in advance to find the best spot in our schedule.

Can I pick the time to have my house cleaned?

We have many regular clients and we always do our best to accommodate the wishes of each client and if it is convenient for the already specified schedule, we will provide you with the time you requested to clean your house.

How many people will be in my house during the cleaning?

We always send two cleaners in a team.

Do I have to provide the cleaning materials?

When we come to your house for first time the cleaners always bring everything they need to make your house clean and shiny, you don’t have to provide anything. 

If you like our services and decide to go with us as a regular client, you will receive a flat rate (much lower) depending on how often you need our services and I will send you a picture of cleaning products that all our regular clients provide.